Torro Tiger I.

Desert yellow


German grey


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The Tiger 1 was the first German heavy armoured combat tank which was used in World War II. It was introduced in 1942 after it became obvious that the previously built tanks “Panzer III” and “Panzer IV” were outgunned by the Soviet T-34 and KW-1.

The focus of construction was on armor and armament. The 88 mm gun and its high penetrating power was surpassed by only a small number of enemy guns, and the armor of the allied tanks was no match: The standard grenade 39 penetrated 100 mm steel from a 1000 m distance. Thus, the Tiger could destroy an attacking T-34 from double the distance of that distance at which it was in danger itself.

You will get a perfect 1/16 R/C model forged by WSN-Trumpeter-Torro, available in winter and summer camouflage.